Ask yourself and others at least these 79 questions:
What do I want? Is my wish list complete? Am I also thinking about: my new neighbours? The street? The neighbourhood? The surrounding areas? The location? Shops? Schools? Kindergarten, primary, secondary and further education? Public transport? What is for sale at this moment in Eindhoven and the surrounding areas? Is that picture really complete? How do I know that? Will there be more houses coming up for sale? Which ones and when? Is it not better to make use of a good broker? (Click here) I have a house in mind, is it located on a quiet spot? Or a noisy one? Am I sure? Have I checked myself? What does the zoning plan say? What am I allowed to do? What am I not allowed to do? Is there a preparation decree for a new zoning plan? Are certain developments in the surroundings of that house to be expected? Is there a lot of traffic? And in peak hours? Have there been burglaries in the neighbourhood? How safe is the house? Is the soil in the garden not contaminated? How do I find out? Perhaps there is an old oil tank there? Do the dimensions of the plot match the cadastral information? Is it not better to make use of a good broker? (Click here) How is the quality of the house? The walls? The construction? The hood? The basement? Is there any moisture penetration? Have there ever been leaks? Were the repairs sufficient? Is the asking price reasonable? Especially also in relation to the quality and location? How do I find out? Is there a valuation report? Is it reliable? And recent? How are the prices of similar houses in the neighbourhood? Am I good at negotiations? Do I have good arguments? Can I keep the rational and emotional aspects properly separated from each other? Is it not better to make use of a good broker? (Click here) Are the minuses properly stated in the price agreed upon? Am I taking additional expenses into account? Renovation? Adjustments? Notary? Mortgage? What are these expenses? Am I wildly enthusiastic? Is this house truly made for me? Am I not missing something? When is the delivery? And what if the current owners haven’t left it then? Do you know the risks? Is it not better to make use of a good broker? (Click here) Will I still feel happy at this location in five years time? And what about fifteen years? Will I also be free of risk in the long term? Have I covered this? Is it not bettter to make use of a good broker? An experienced consultant? One who knows Eindhoven and the surrounding areas like none other? Who deals with this situation more often? And who has answers to all the questions? Who truly pays attention to everything? (Click here)